Hello Friends! Welcome to my Blog.
Prior to making this Blog Post and becoming a successful Author, Entrepreneur, Interior Decorator, and Holistic Life Coach, I was working as a Full-Time Computer Specialist while enlisted in the service.  Once after I completed my 6 years in service, I relocated to Texas in 2009.  And just out of a whim career opportunity, I was offered a position to assist others in decorating their living spaces and private home staging.  That's when I began to realize I had the gift to help others create a peaceful ambiance in their living area, bring beauty into their home, and was able to bring a deeper level of harmony and balance to my clients by following a different décor style of Feng Shui.
I obtained my certification through Home Staging Resource and became a certified Home Staging & Interior Decorating Service Provider.
I am also an active member of the American Society of Home Stagers and Re-Designers Austin Chapter, RESA (Real Estate Staging Association), as well as, a Table Designer/Member of Dining by Design.


As a certified Holistic Life Coach, I have also gained success by guiding my clients to lead a balanced nutritional lifestyle by following my checklists, using different resources & techniques, and including my recommended meal plans in their nutrition regimen.

If you are seeking to improve your lifestyle, require motivational/spiritual support, or obtain any advice from spiritual to metaphysical, you may also browse through my website at Home | Rejuvenangel Soma Mystique ( or you may also browse through my blog and maybe you will find what you seek.


I also host Vision Board Workshops for those who are stuck at a cross-roads and are seeking out various methods in order to obtain success through their career, family, and/or life goals.


Every single one of us, on this Earth, have reached a crossroads at some point in our lives.  You feel stuck in the mud and can't seem to escape from the stress, pain, worries, addiction, or depression.  Believe me, I've been there before and it's not fun.  And all of the negativity seems to haunt you every single minute of every single day & no matter how much you try to escape, you are still trapped in its grasp!

But, your life doesn't have to be this way!  Change and a Re-Birth is Possible!

All you need to do is gain the strength from inside yourself, let go of your fears, and take action! If you've been seeking out help and need some sort of guidelines to inspire and motivate you, check out my most recent published book:  "Break Free From Your Cocoon & Reach Your True Potential".
God has blessed me with amazing gifts to manifest and create beautiful masterpieces beyond my clients' expectations and assist others who are in need of guidance & spiritual balance.

My most deepest desire is to use my many talents to help you gain a peace of mind and help guide you out of your muddy waters in order for you to enjoy a peaceful setting & a beautiful new LIFE.
I hope you enjoy your time here and I pray you find what you seek...
Peace and Blessings!

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