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I woke up this morning and stepped outside to breathe in the fresh air.  As I sat on my favorite chair out in the patio, drinking my cup of hot herbal tea, and listening to the 60’s-90’s music station on SkyRadio, I began to gaze over my beautiful plants to see if they made any progress from yesterday, I then looked up toward the wide open light blue sky filled with white clouds slowly drifting by and to see if there were any birds awake so early in the morning.  As I sit here melancholy thinking about what I should write on my blog this morning, I noticed the radio began to play meaniningful songs such as, “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, “Imagine” by John Lennon, “We Are The World” by Michael Jackson, and then one of my favs, “If Everyone Cared” by Nickelback.  It came as a surprise to me that these songs were being played back to back.  Was this a message from the heavens telling me to write something about us and about the world?  I would like to think so.

YOU are the Painter of your Life’s Canvas
That is the reason why I’m writing this to you now and I believe it sets the tone for this most appropriate time of chaos, fear, hunger, war, anger, revenge…etc.  It’s unbelievable what our world has become and what we, as human beings, as our planet’s visitors, have become.  To the planet we call Earth, we are merely complete strangers living in it utilizing it’s resources to keep us alive.  However, there’s also another reason why we have been brought here to this planet, it’s also to create a world of paradise, free from war and chaos.  Of course the Earth would not be in balance if it didn’t have the Ying without the Yang but, not to this extreme.  We have all been given this beautiful opportunity to take advantage of living on this planet among nature and eachother.  We cannot just sit here and wait until someone takes hold of the reigns to take control of our lives and lead us the way.  If we wait and do nothing with our lives, we will be waiting for a very long time.  We, ourselves, have to take control of those reigns and make the effort to find peace within ourselves, within our lives, our family, our friends, our past/present/& future.  This is the only way we will be able to see a change in progress instead of sitting & waiting for some miracle to happen out of the blue.  YOU are the gatekeeper and the creator of your own life.
YOU are the painter of your life’s canvas.  What will you paint today?

Express Thanks for your Life

As I sat out on the patio listening to the lyrics to the songs, one of the lyrics came to mind from Nickleback, “Singing Amen, I’m Alive” and “As we lie beneath the stars, we realize how small we are”.  If that’s not the first thing you do in the morning, then, there is no better time to start.  Get up in the morning, step outside, or look out the window, and say the words, “Thank You, I’m so thankful I’m alive”.  We should all be grateful for our lives, think about all the good things you’d be missing if you were not alive.  And if you ever get the chance, lay out on a flat surface underneath the stars at night and look up at the clear sky.  It’s amazing what you will feel when you first realize how really small we all are in this huge Universe beyond the stars.  You will then begin to realize how big of an ordeal we make over a small little problem, no matter what it is, and then it becomes pointless afterwards.

Everything is just trying to be Loved
The song then changes to Louis Armstrong’s song, “What a Wonderful World”.  When was the last time you just stopped and acknowledged nature?  Throughout the hustle and bustle of our everyday busy lives, we should at least have 5 or 10 minutes in a day to just stop and look at the trees swaying back & forth, smell the flowers, watch the birds fly by, or see a butterfly land on a flower.  Everything is just trying to be loved just like you and me.  It’s truly amazing how just those 5 or 10 minutes of acknowledging nature will make your day worthwhile.  We have both a bird feeder & a hummingbird feeder hanging out on our back patio & not a day goes by that we don’t take advantage of looking outside after coming home from a busy day at work to see if any winged visitors stopped by; our busy & exhausting day then turns into a peaceful moment of awe.  Even just by planting a flower or a seedling, having a pet, or a garden, it’s something to look forward to after coming home from a day’s work to see your plant’s progress or to see your pet welcoming you with their loving paws, wings, fins, or webbed feet.

Don’t Take Your Life for Granted

It is never too late to see the world through a child's eyes; see the world as the way we use to see it when we were a child; see the world as experiencing and viewing every little thing as if it was our first time or as if it was going to be our last; never take one single moment for granted, before you know it, that one special moment could either last one second, one hour, or a lifetime, and it might not ever happen again.  Those are the risks we will have to take in order to accept ourselves as who we are and accept the world the way it was meant to be.
*Live in the Moment*

Does the Earth Feel Pain?
By back-tracking my steps a little, I went through a flashback and brought myself to a particular incident in my life when my daughter was 6 years old and I was placing a Band-Aid on her knee after she got a grass burn from tripping over a rock and falling to her knees.  After I placed on the Band-Aid, she asked me a question that has kept my mind reeling to this day, “I wonder if the Earth hurts like we do when we get a booboo?”  WoW!, To this day I’ve kept that question locked in my head wondering about the same thing.  My daughter is now 10 and I ask her if she remembers the time she asked me that question, and of course she responds with a laugh, “No, That’s silly”.  But, in all honesty, what if in-fact it does feel pain the same way we do?  I mean, why not? It’s a living organism floating in space the same way we are living inside of it.
  With that said, let’s put ourselves in Earth’s shoes for one moment and responding in your own words, I would like to see your answers to the question below: 

If you were Earth, how would you want the environment, people, organisms, and animals to live and function amongst eachother inside you?  How long would you plan to exist? and Why?

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