1) I'm thinking about re-decorating my home, do you think I should start purchasing my furniture and wallpaper out of a whim and start from there?

- No, Please Don't!, First things first, each room holds a story, you must decide first which room will be used for what purpose.  For example, if you are changing your workout room to a study, you will need to decide where to move your exercise equipment because Exercise and Study are two different concepts.

2) I'm considering re-painting my walls to my Master Bedroom with bold/bright colors along with luxury items to accent my bedding furniture.  Which colors would you recommend?

- If you are going to re-paint your walls to your Master Bedroom, bold/bright colors & luxury items are NOT recommended.  Your Master Bedroom should be considered as your "personal oasis" and not a Social Room.  This room is your romantic hideaway that should encourage intimacy, romance and communication. A peaceful place where you can rest, revitalize and reflect.  Colors should consist of soothing, familiar colors and include practical/useful furniture.

3) I have photos of my family and friends in my bedroom and I have no room for my marriage photos, where do you think I should place them?

- Uh oh, in Feng Shui this is considered a "BIG" No No.  As I mentioned previously, a bedroom is considered as a "Romantic Hideaway".  I recommend switching out your photos of your family/friends to the Living Room and replacing them with sweet-loving photos of you and your companion in your bedroom.  For those who are single, consider adding pairs of items or fresh flowers in the bedroom, think "Pairs" and "Love".  Colors should consist of light greens/light blues/pinks/white/red accents.

4) My husband keeps complaining that the living room is very dark and we hardly get any light from the windows since they are very small and we live in an apartment, what do you recommend?

- Since the room is very dark, you might want to consider painting the walls with a color that will brighten up the space.  If you are not allowed to re-paint the walls, you can also try adding artificial lighting, such as, recessed lights, track lighting, or decorative lamps.  For rooms that get too much sunlight, consider adding window blinds, draperies, or shutters to dim the light a bit.

5) My wife wants to decorate our family room in bright red colors but, I would like for her to decorate it in brown/green colors.  We are not coming to an agreement on either or, what do you think we should do to meet at a compromise?

- From what I learned from my Life Coaching studies is that there always have to be compromises and you will have to meet half-way in order to settle on an agreement with one another.  I'll make it easier for both of you.  Ask yourself, "If Both of us could be anywhere in the world, where would we be?  Is it the Mountains?, A charming Bed & Breakfast Inn?, The Beach?  Think of your favorite dream place and add those same elements to your space.  You will then feel as if you are at your sanctuary once entering the room.  The colors should consist of blue/green/pink hues.

6) I have a lot of Fake Indoor plants that collect a lot of dust which has led to my severe allergies and I cannot seem to resolve this issue.  What do you recommend?
- Since you have severe allergies, fake indoor plants would be out of the question.  I recommend you getting Live Indoor Plants, such as, Money Tree Plants, Corn/Cane Plants, Jade Plants, Peace Lily Floor Plants, Arboricola Floor Plant, Cat Palm, Lotus Bamboo, or Lucky Bamboo.  Those are all allergy free and will also bring peace and prosperity into your home.

As to easing your allergies, you may want to try the following methods: 
  • Neti Pots filled with distilled water
  • Eat 1tsp of pollen laced honey w/ a drop of lemon juice everyday
  • Infuse your home with incense of sage, sandalwood, & lavender
  • Rub Tea Tree Oil on your temples to relieve headaches or migraines 
  • Use HEPA Air Filters for home
  • Take Spirulina often
  • Take a Steaming Hot Shower
  • Add a few drops of eucalyptus leaves or oil to a boiling pot of water & inhale the steam w/ a towel draped over your head.
  • Take in spicy foods like chili peppers, wasabi, Dijon Mustard, fresh garlic, and horseradish
  • Drink a warm cup of Peppermint Tea w/ a dash of pollen laced honey, a few drops of lemon juice, & 1 stick of cinnamon

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