Thursday, April 2, 2015

Donating For A Great Cause

The school my daughter attends was holding an Auction to help support them in raising funds to provide new computers for their computer lab.  And so, I took advantage of the opportunity to show off my creative talents by creating one of my beautiful masterpieces.  Believe it or not, this lamp only took me 30 minutes to decorate just by using my creative imagination.  I must say, the mind reels lol.

As an added touch, I thought feathers would make a wonderful accent to the gold, black, brown, and cream colored accents I used throughout.

I'm so very thankful the school was able to benefit from my hand-crafted donation.  Surprisingly enough, it was auctioned off for a total price of $25.00, which is much more than what I had expected.  In my opinion, that's always an added bonus ;-)  I suppose every little bit helps, especially when it involves using your own creativity to help support a good cause.

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